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Day 2 was Friday, August 15th.

I know, I'm unforgiveably slow on this, but I've been fighting the nasty headache since Sunday.

As I said, [ profile] shel_b_129  to wake us up bright and early...she'd made threats to that effect. Yes, well, she didn't. We made it to the convention about 3:30ish, I think it was, and we had really nothing on our agenda after registration until the class in Cel Shading that I wanted to attend.

I did learn how to do a few things I didn't know how to do, but since I don't have a graphics tablet, it was kind of a pointless class for me to take. *shrug* We sneaked out early, and it was outside of that room, when we were returning for the fanfic panel, that I saw her:




Now, I'll confess, Suki isn't my favorite character, and I'm not going to lie - she was a Katara/Aang fan. However, she was a sweet girl. After she posed for two pictures, bless her heart, she and I struck up a conversation. I didn't mention my ship affiliation at that particular moment (nor did I mention that Suki is one of my least favorite characters). We started talking about fanfic, and I got her penname, and she mine and we all went into the fanfic panel.

While we were waiting for it to start, Dej and Shel chatted and I talked to 'Suki' (whose name I can't remember anyway). And - she got a glimpse of the handwritten original copy of Blood and Ashes. Yes - someone actually got to read that. She was so amazed that I actually carried my fanfic with me like that.


Yes, that is it. Blood and Ashes. If you can make out what the page says, then you have a sneak peak. *shrug*

Well, we waited - and waited...and waited...but the panel organizer wasn't showing. I urged Dej to get up and lead it - it's not like she's never led a fanfic panel before. With some more encouragement, she stood up and asked if anyone cared if we led a hostile takeover. IT WAS SO COOL!

OMG! It was awesome! Shel didn't say much, but 'Suki' made up for Shel's quietness. It was - an odd experience to be sitting up there and having these people looking at us and asking us questions like we were some kind of respected panel of fanfic authors. Not a soul in the room had ever heard of us before, so why did they listen to us? Did we just sound that knowledgeable, or was it just because we had the guts to get up and lead the panel? It was awesome, but somewhat intimidating. I think I scared one of the guys. Someone asked what kind of music, etc we listened to while writing fanfic, and I mentioned the dark, gothic music that I favor for my epics, and he asked if it was dark as my soul...and I answered yes. *snort*

After the panel was over (and we kind of ran over, because they just kept asking us questions), we were all pretty hungry. There was a Perkins across the street, so we went over there. Dej got up to go to the ladies' room, and Shel and I took a quick snapshot:


Yes, we are goofballs. I had a delicious breakfast-for-dinner, and I was so stuffed half-way through my pancakes...


But look at them. They were so tasty, and so delicious-looking, that I couldn't help it.


Yes - I licked my pancakes. This began the Things Kasey Licked saga of the weekend. Shel stole my camera and took a rare picture of the Great Bacon Warrior:


After dinner, we went back to Shel's house and hid in her bedroom, as her boyfriend and their roommate were having a very loud party in the living room. We vegetated on the bed with laptops, hijacked one another's .moon accounts, and Shel handed me her cards so I could do a reading for her. Only...the cards weren't like any deck I've ever worked with before.

I had the layout set-up and started trying to interpret the cards in the traditional positions and meanings and couldn't make heads nor tails of the reading! That has rarely, if ever, happened to me. The cards had been a gift and Shel had never really looked through them, so I started reading the book that went with them. Yeah - they were ORACLE cards. Fae Oracle cards, at that. I had no clue. I read the book a bit, and pulled a typical Oracle reading out of my rear that Shel said made sense to her, so I guess my long period of no practice reading hasn't injured my knack any.

When it was all said and done, Dej and I had another late night of giggles after we retired to our room and groaned, because we'd made Shelby promise to wake us up early on Saturday.


Random pictures of the con from Friday:

That I took just for [ profile] jasonulloa . I'm sorry I couldn't rip the paper off her for you.


I promise I took more pictures on Saturday. Also, if you'd like to see more, from someone experienced at con-reports, go look at this post.

on 2008-08-27 09:27 pm (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile]
At least you got a nice lick o' honey and/or maple syrup! (That pic made me lol, btw. Priceless!)

on 2008-08-29 01:19 am (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile]
Hee, I look like I'm going to punch someone xDDD


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