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So, today I'm going to ramble about FLOAP and Silver and Steel and how the two are actually related.

You see, once upon a time, I started writing FLOAP. It's technically called The Goddess Selene, but it's original incarnation was called For Love of a Princess, and the acronym stuck with it for the past two years.

FLOAP is primarily a Sailor Cosmos story that focuses on her as the Guardian of the Galaxy Cauldron *nods*. The Cauldron is one of those places in the Galaxy where time is distorted and loops upon itself. And she hates that she was unable to stop Sailor Chaos from destroying the Galaxy so she starts fiddling with things. The story in FLOAP is just one of the things she changes: she protects the Earth from the initial corruption by Metalia/Chaos. If the Earth is safe, then perhaps the Galaxy will be, too. Only it doesn't quite work out that way and she manages to screw everything up pretty royally. FLOAP takes place in five distinct periods, and the story is so long that I have pretty much split the story into those five periods and made them separate stories.

Book 1: The Goddess Selene takes place during the birth of the Galaxy and the time of the gods.

Book 2: For Love of a Princess is the Silver Millennium tale part of the story. This is where we start to see changes - Beryl is there, but she's not evil. She doesn't try to kill anyone! WTF!

Book 3: The Reign of Endymion is where things get really whacked out and the world is under the control of this evil bastard calling himself Endymion and he rules for six thousand years unchecked before the Senshi start awakening.

Book 4: Goddess of the Golden Crystal takes place after the King formerly known as Endymion is dead and the Senshi are finally awake and aware and are kicking butt and the mastermind behind the whole thing is defeated.

Book 5: Miracle Romance is the story of what happens when the timeline tries to right itself after the disaster that Cosmos has made of it this time. Let's just say that Pluto is pretty pissed off by this point, and when the timeline starts twitching weird things start happening.

Silver and Steel is kind of an alternate universe in the FLOAPverse. It's a different thing happening. Instead of Cosmos protecting the Earth, she makes it impossible for Selenity to access the full power of the Ginzuishou, not realizing that when she does so, she makes Princess Serenity the true wielder of the crystal. Selenity is now just a figurehead in her kingdom and the Princess is far more emotional than her mother. What happens in Silver and Steel is the result of that 'experiment' of Cosmos'.

Anyway, I really, really want to work on it today and I won't have time, so I just wanted to talk about it for a few minutes.
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