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So, I've hesitated on posting about this, because until last night, I was still so uncertain that I'd be able to go after all. In fact, until I talk to Dej again, I can't be positive even now. But I'm 98% certain that in about 29 hours, I'll be boarding a bus to Orlando. Why? Anime Festival Orlando. [ profile] shel_b_129, [ profile] dejana and I are planning on a long weekend of mischief and mayhem and general insanity. Well, Shel and I are. I'm afraid Dej is going to think we're absolute boobs. Our schedule is as follows:

1. Arrive Thursday Night.
2. Con on Friday
3. Con on Saturday
4. Con/beach on Sunday
5. Disney on Monday
6. Go home (*tear) on Tuesday

I'll personally be leaving first thing Tuesday morning and returning to work at noon! EEP! You know how bloody EXHAUSTED I'm going to be?

In addition to that, my interwebz crapped out on me last night, and I did another dumb thing with my Sims2 game in response. I installed Free Time, thinking I'd have lots of fun playing my AWESOME new sims (Pretty!) in it. Yeah. It wouldn't run. So, I uninstalled it. A note to those who play Sims2. When you install a new expansion pack and it tells you to back up your game before installing, do it!

All my custom content (including my hot little Zuko sim and my freaking beautiful Heath sim) is GONE! *WOE* It took me MONTHS to collect all that stuff and now I'm going to have to try to find it all again. *sigh* I'm a dope sometimes, I really, really am. But YAY! Rachel made it to Orlando safely and is once more back in the land of sunshine, thunderstorms and ME! We are going to have to have a meet up at some point, hon!

Now that I've made my SPEW announcement, I can make my general announcement. I've left MNFF. My author's page is empty, save for a link back to my writing journal's profile (which is actually a field on their site to fill in), which will then link the person to .moon. My reasons really boil down to a personal opinion, and reflect in no way upon the management of MNFF. I know how hard the mods there work, having been one, and I know the battles they fight that the average user will never be aware of - the average user has no idea what the mods and admins have to put up with so that the users can have a pleasant experience on MNFF.

However, most people know that I found a site last summer that seemed custom-made for me, and in the past year, I've only grown fonder of it. is truly a home for me, and in taking a mod post there later last year, I pretty much cemented my decision to slowly make it my fanfiction home. My fandom interests have switched from being primarily Harry Potter to being varied and diverse - and with that switch comes the realization that I need a place where I can grow. I was stagnant at MNFF. I was never going to get past the Forced to Love stage of my writing there, and, let's face it, I needed to. .moon is the place for me to do that.

I'll still be on AIM, and I'll still be on LJ and I'm not leaving the fandom, nor am I neglecting my MNFF friends - I'm just leaving the site to go where I need to go.
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